Katy Perry - Daisies (Live From American Idol Finale, May 17 2020)

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  • I love how the how the background looks photoshopped

    Africana WakandeAfricana Wakande17 minutos atrás
  • melhor performance ever

    Almir CustodioAlmir Custodio23 minutos atrás
  • que lindaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Vj MaxxyVj MaxxyHora atrás
  • Goosebumps !!!!!!!!!! From a mom

    janine fernandezjanine fernandez3 horas atrás
  • "When did we all stop believing in magic?"

    Emma FrostEmma Frost3 horas atrás
  • She sucks.

    Victoria YoungVictoria Young3 horas atrás
  • Is this the end of American idol?

    Judith MoricoJudith Morico4 horas atrás
  • Katy should have way more subscribers!

    Jocelyn ChuahJocelyn Chuah7 horas atrás
  • Little Monster and Barb here to show some love and support to Katy!!!! This video was AMAZING!!!! So glad to see her still making videos FROM HOME DURING A PANDEMIC WHILE PREGNANT!!!!! Truly iconic! I love that the women I listened too since late 2000s (Gaga, Beyonce, Nicki, Katy, Ariana) are WINNING!!!!!!! Slay Queen!!!

    Kyd WykkydKyd Wykkyd8 horas atrás
  • It sounds like Anne Marie don't you ever leave me alone song

    Michael WMichael W9 horas atrás
  • Totally better than the actual video.

    giovana rodriguezgiovana rodriguez10 horas atrás
  • Was she supposed to be in a church with devil hands reaching for her and a pyramid being her ?

    Queen FUPAQueen FUPA10 horas atrás
  • keep streaming daisies

    Almir CustodioAlmir Custodio10 horas atrás
  • perfeitaa

    Almir CustodioAlmir Custodio10 horas atrás
  • Lip sync

    Dandy bakerDandy baker12 horas atrás

    TommmTommm12 horas atrás
  • Katy Perry

    Wieslaw SobocinskiWieslaw Sobocinski12 horas atrás
  • Is her lyrick about being covered in daisies a reference to the Hunger Games, when Katniss covered Rue in flowers after she had died?

    LyskenLysken13 horas atrás
  • This song made me follow my dream

    Kinsley PollockKinsley Pollock13 horas atrás
  • She looks like weather forecast 💀

    Rozzaq KurnaRozzaq Kurna14 horas atrás
  • amazing song ❤️❤️ I made a cover of this, please check it out 🌼❤️

    Belinda HarmondBelinda Harmond15 horas atrás

    M MM M18 horas atrás
  • I thought he thumbnail was Sia 🤦‍♀️

    JC Dela CruzJC Dela Cruz19 horas atrás
  • The baby: AAAAAAH HELP

    OmqBrave RobloxOmqBrave RobloxDia atrás
  • katy serviu MUITO

    Almir CustodioAlmir CustodioDia atrás
  • AMO

    Almir CustodioAlmir CustodioDia atrás
  • amazing 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Chantika MarfaliaChantika MarfaliaDia atrás
  • That was actually amazing. Wow

    sarina xosarina xoDia atrás
  • Your LYINGGGG!!! My name is daisy and this was preformed on my BIRTHDAY 😱😱

    Daisy Ruelas SanchezDaisy Ruelas SanchezDia atrás
  • Ella es la más cool

    Alan MoisésAlan MoisésDia atrás
  • Katy Perry: a Eu: ARTISTA

    dennys samerodennys sameroDia atrás
  • When she pretends like she is falling I feel so nervous. Really stop doing this Katy. In addition, when I watched daisies, I felt nervous too because of wet rocks and high rocks

    CassieCassieDia atrás
  • It's like a Eurovision Song Contest performance. Perryland 12 points....

    I Am ShakeelI Am ShakeelDia atrás
  • Love it!

    Veronica PrudiusVeronica PrudiusDia atrás
  • This is so cool 😎!

    Veronica PrudiusVeronica PrudiusDia atrás
    • Katy giving us visuals! I’m here for it! :)

      CassieCassieDia atrás
  • Por ese tipo de presentaciones no sale del flop. Toma de referencia a Miley Cyrus en la presentación de Malibu. Espectacular

    caique cubíascaique cubíasDia atrás
  • Fascinating technology

    Harison JosephHarison JosephDia atrás
  • Katy should go to America got talent

    Sarah DavisSarah DavisDia atrás
  • !!!!!

    Sarah DavisSarah DavisDia atrás
  • I love you

    Sarah DavisSarah DavisDia atrás
  • Omg how did they even edit this thing 😭❤️❤️❤️

    Bhaskar ChatterjeeBhaskar ChatterjeeDia atrás
  • I was really confused about what was real and what wasn't.

    Gacha AndStuffGacha AndStuffDia atrás
  • This is the performance of the decade , the amount of thought put into this was phenomenal. Great art .

    Akash SethAkash SethDia atrás
  • why is american idol setting up my anxiety like this

    Alvin AceAlvin AceDia atrás
  • AR/VR?

    Riska DhenabayuRiska DhenabayuDia atrás
  • عندما يجتمع الجمال والفن في الإنسان يصبح خارق مثل الجميلة كاتي بيري معجب من العراق

    حيدر حسين محمد الشحمانيحيدر حسين محمد الشحمانيDia atrás
  • how?

    Chaddy CodeyChaddy CodeyDia atrás
  • Как это сделали

    ютуб ютубютуб ютубDia atrás
  • ..

    mohamed amenmohamed amenDia atrás
  • Katy giving us visuals! I’m here for it! :)

    It's ShawnieboyyIt's ShawnieboyyDia atrás
  • A esta mujer no la para nadie

    Alan MoisésAlan MoisésDia atrás
  • Lyric video

  • When you’re playing Sims 4 with alpha cc and you go into an EA build

    RH HRH HDia atrás
  • Ows me encanto su presentacion me ella es increible

    Andru chajonAndru chajonDia atrás
  • who came hea cuz of lyric vid??? katy perry a creative goat ngfl

    Jared Samuel SaludJared Samuel SaludDia atrás
  • The effect is freaking good

    Evercoss A65Evercoss A65Dia atrás
  • She is 8 months pregnant and she can do this im shock!

    JoannaJoannaDia atrás
  • Fellow illumanti puppet serving the vibes of witchcraft! Amazing

    Satans B****Satans B****2 dias atrás
  • Awesome!!!!!!

    Елена АхановаЕлена Аханова2 dias atrás
  • The best 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️🌼🌼

    J.ale.17J.ale.172 dias atrás

      JoannaJoannaDia atrás
  • Only few in this world create their own league. Katy Perry is evidently one of them. I also love the guitar in this sound. 🎼✌️

    Henry SalisburyHenry Salisbury2 dias atrás
  • I literally didn’t even know she was pregnant I just thought her dress was super big on her lol

    cupcakexlindsaycupcakexlindsay2 dias atrás
  • Excelent ..... Desde Caracas Venezuela ...

    Luis MaureiraLuis Maureira2 dias atrás
  • I had a dream this week where Katy is pregnant of the first hibrid alien/human baby on earth and that is the beggining of a new era for all of us. Well, lets see!

    Lincoln AlvesLincoln Alves2 dias atrás
  • Showing love and support from Little Monsters! 💞

    Savić AleksaSavić Aleksa2 dias atrás
  • I love you best song ever😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😼😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😀😁😀😁😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    jeanette Grantjeanette Grant2 dias atrás
  • I swear that nobody can do it like her, [ KATY PERRY IS THE MUSIC INDUSTRY ]

    Omar Fawzi ObeidatOmar Fawzi Obeidat2 dias atrás
  • hola hice una versión en español de esta canción espero puedan ir a verlo brproject.info/it/video/hJx6pJmP12J5f44

    Zm SongZm Song2 dias atrás
  • Good girl and good músic 🎼🩰🎹

    Constança G.Constança G.2 dias atrás
  • You are my idole, i only learned yo talk english for your songs, i hope someday meet you, you are amaizing, i hope someday i can go to one of your concerts.

    sofia sofiasofia sofia2 dias atrás
  • os efeitos com realidade virtual ficaram muito bons

    Cloves PereiraCloves Pereira2 dias atrás
  • A Katy tem uma coisa que não tem como colocar em um artista: carisma.

    Bruna CorcinoBruna Corcino2 dias atrás

    Kelly FonsecaKelly Fonseca2 dias atrás
  • She is 8 months pregnant and she can do this im shock!

    Deep hugDeep hug2 dias atrás

    felipe mendesfelipe mendes2 dias atrás
  • I'm crying :"

    KheleeyKheleey2 dias atrás
  • Katy careful your baby. Love yah😘

    Jai AcordaJai Acorda2 dias atrás
    • This is incredibly well done, there should be a behind the scenes

      Deep hugDeep hug2 dias atrás
  • Love it! Would splice really well with Let Me Love You by Neyo.

    Cassandra M.Cassandra M.2 dias atrás
  • She's beautiful omg

    Clein LoretoClein Loreto2 dias atrás
  • So cool