Prince Charles’ job means he is a COVID-19 ‘super spreader’

Prince Charles tests positive for the coronavirus, but if there is “anyone who can get good treatment” it’s the Prince and therefore he is unlikely to “drop off the perch because of coronavirus” says Sky News contributor Caleb Bond.
The West Australian is reporting the heir to the British Throne reportedly contracted the virus after he was the “star guest at a fundraiser for an Australian bushfire relief dinner in London”
Questions now turn to whether the prince infected his mother, Queen Elizabeth II who is now in self-isolation at Windsor Castle.
Mr Bond told Sky News host Peter Gleeson people like Prince Charles, Tom Hanks, and Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton - who have all contracted the virus - are “by necessity going to be far more likely to contract coronavirus” because their job requires them to constantly meet people.
“They can become super spreaders,” he said.

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  • All comments made about prince Chuckle head are immediately taken down in UK, you cannot mention that Chukkas has run away from London or has maybe spread this virus, immediately they are taken down ?

    patrick houstonpatrick houston2 dias atrás
  • charly kiss the queen then f--- her lick her balls

    bruce nassarbruce nassar2 dias atrás
  • Lady Di is up there laughing I bet..

    Dave KellyDave Kelly2 dias atrás
  • Go to youtube and look at event 201, it is agenda 21, the only virus is in that Castle

    two tonetwo tone2 dias atrás
  • This is not terrible news. Charles has tested positive, is in a higher risk age group, but has minor symptoms and is working from home. It is good news!

    willem featherwillem feather2 dias atrás
  • Prince Charles' treatment is the same for us. Isolation Quarantine for two weeks Fortunately Prince Charles is in good health and should recover

    Tres BienTres Bien3 dias atrás
  • Working from home? Just what is his job? Waving to people?

    Dave ChosewoodDave Chosewood3 dias atrás
    • Well, waving is not as easy as it looks you know 😜

      Haritha VunnamHaritha Vunnam20 horas atrás
  • Reporter admitted that he touched prince Charles

    Amy JonesAmy Jones3 dias atrás
  • Kiss the Ring and kneel

    Jurg SchupbachJurg Schupbach3 dias atrás

    Adam Eg0tAdam Eg0t3 dias atrás

    Adam Eg0tAdam Eg0t3 dias atrás
  • Queen is strong old as dirt if corona dosnt kill her nathing will

    Amel OmicAmel Omic3 dias atrás
  • hrh, celebrities.....''these are all people that come into contact with other people'' who is this bloke...… wtf …...…. and who gives a rats arse about tom hanks Richard wilkins Charles or any of these high profile priveliged elite...….the best thing it could do is wipe out the whole Nazi royal family, the lot of em

    Mogul FogulbieMogul Fogulbie3 dias atrás
  • Nobody sang "God save the Prince" - ONLY "God save the Queen."

    Reuel TReuel T3 dias atrás
    • that old baby blood drinking pos

      bruce nassarbruce nassar2 dias atrás
  • "Coronavirus: Are MDs in on the Ruse?" All one needs is some of this anti-malarial stuff. So the Fascist Governor of Nevada is going ban a drug that has been available for 60 years because it is effectively curing people... WTF! Direct VT links are persona non grata on YT

    Brian TASCABrian TASCA3 dias atrás
  • DAVOS 2020 LOGO... Prince Philip (Stavos), wants to be reincarnated as a virus to control the World Population. Looks like he's getting his wish.

    Brian TASCABrian TASCA3 dias atrás
  • He is heir to the Throne. Look at the British Constitution He is necessary. even if the trolls don't think so!

    Mavis EmbersonMavis Emberson3 dias atrás
  • gay tv

    Wtf SupWtf Sup3 dias atrás
  • This is not terrible news. He is just a very high paid dole bludger on the royal work for the Dole scheme. No loss there!

    RonoveRonove3 dias atrás
  • Why was he allowed to go to Scotland which is essentially on lockdown for all travellers

    Derek LyleDerek Lyle3 dias atrás
  • We can only hope all the royals contract it!

    Crystal ClearCrystal Clear3 dias atrás
    • Surely you aren't talking about my favorite baseball team the Kansas city Royals? How dare you as Greta would say.

      Dave ChosewoodDave Chosewood19 horas atrás
  • Just tell these worthless parasites to stay the fuck home like the rest of us... Cry me a river...

    anna belleanna belle3 dias atrás
  • He ain't got shit

    colcol3 dias atrás
  • 🔥🔥 <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="42">0:42</a> 💚 👇👇🔥💃

  • I wonder if people like him who regularly meet dozens if not hundreds of people every week, build up a really good immune system & finish up with mild Covid symptoms?

    Brent SummersBrent Summers3 dias atrás
  • Just like Tom Hanks, Ellen Degeneres, Oprah Winfrey....what a coincidence we have here....are you sure these people aren't under house arrest for child trafficking and child sacrifices??

    Beth McHughBeth McHugh3 dias atrás
  • look i ain’t a hippie, but if we treated climate change the way we treated corona virus how much cleaner would the earth be. we might actually listen to the scientists instead of some bloke who ‘sees through the media’

    classic waxkoclassic waxko3 dias atrás
  • Mother’s Day will be awkward 🙃

    Rick ShirreffRick Shirreff3 dias atrás
  • BS that's a cover story for there absence. There in a bunker 😂

    robirisheurekarobirisheureka3 dias atrás
  • Now he's narsasist, so it has to be about him He saw Mudoona do it but he'd look real bad in a bath So lets do everything by social media . But don't put your Rottweiler in the bath too! Please!!!!

    Graeme RossGraeme Ross3 dias atrás
  • Of course he has it. The sheeple need more reinforcement that the virus is real.

    OrangemanbadtotheboneOrangemanbadtothebone4 dias atrás
  • One big question being asked here in the UK is, how come he was tested when he had "only mild symptoms", when the rest of us mere mortals have to be virtually dead before we're allowed to have a test.

    mike petersmike peters4 dias atrás

    Kool ChangeKool Change4 dias atrás
  • Unfortunately he'll survive this, unlike thousands of less dangerous and arrogant ignorant people, and we'll still have to put up with this moron as our king when his mother finally dries up.

    Razorback73Razorback734 dias atrás
  • Bung him in the tower leg shackled Better still behead him.....

    michael frasermichael fraser4 dias atrás
  • 😂..O dear!

  • This prick and his Ma had Diana murdered and his pedophile brother can all contract the ChinaVirus.......

    Bearman Mike HanleyBearman Mike Hanley4 dias atrás
  • The Queen is taking it all with her when she dies, these people are just happenstance.

    JVONROCKJVONROCK4 dias atrás
  • HRH Prince Charles has the Coronavirus........oh well.

    MrGoblin60MrGoblin604 dias atrás
    • MrGoblin60 Yeh Phuck him

      Overprivileged to the MaximusOverprivileged to the Maximus3 dias atrás
  • God Save The Queen - we don't need this buffoon taking the throne.

    firefoxhitsfirefoxhits4 dias atrás
  • As usual, celebrities lecture the world on how the proletariat should behave, while doing the exact opposite in their own lives.

    this guythis guy4 dias atrás
  • This royal asshole has a job??

    Kiowa CorpseKiowa Corpse4 dias atrás
  • I wonder if his name is on one of the 15,000 sealed indictments?

    PerpetratorXPerpetratorX4 dias atrás
  • Adrenachrome say no more

    keenicusxxxkeenicusxxx4 dias atrás
  • hahahaha good! hope the old far pops off.

    Jack SnowJack Snow4 dias atrás

  • What happens when you cut down a tree, you yell TIMBER! What happens when you cut down the DEEPSTATE parasites you yell TIMBER!

    L0b0tsL0b0ts4 dias atrás
  • The *TRUE corona virus statistics.* The world health organisation is lying to you.

    MrWise ChristianMrWise Christian4 dias atrás
  • I guess Prince William is not taking this virus as a joke anymore.

    Vanessa HeVanessa He4 dias atrás
  • You mean he got it from tainted endrenachrome like the rest of the demons. Truth be known all the royals have it.

    Deona PetersonDeona Peterson4 dias atrás
  • I often picture him thinking.."For Christs sake mum, when you gonna die?"..:)

    Deb DunnDeb Dunn4 dias atrás
  • Just as i said a leader at this times can't allow to himself get sick, and fall out form the game even temporary. Too much people depends on him. Consider this, before do anything reckless.

    Lóránt FarkasLóránt Farkas4 dias atrás
    • @Ronove Whatever the reason is, he is at the center of attention... And this is the only thing what matters. *If he is an idiot, than so as the ones following his example.* And if you think i'm a fan, you are sadly mistaken! I could not possibly care any less... What you are capable of, it's not the question of birth, but what you do with it what's given? Simple as that. It's just like a card game. He got good hand when he came to this world. But for that? He can still lose the game if he is an idiot. And if he can't stay put at such situation he is. And so as the ones following his example. More than a reason enough to show some responsibility! So no, i don't think birth, castle system or anything like this legit. But your social status is *given* by birth, and so as what you are capable of eventually? Even your very begin of self. What you do with all of this? *Up to you!* And finally you sad miserable hate full moron? *He did not chosen to born into the royal family!* Got it?

      Lóránt FarkasLóránt Farkas2 dias atrás
    • @Lóránt Farkas : Hey moron, fucking moron. If you seek guidance from someone who's only claim to fame is that his parents had sex. Then you need serious psychiatric help. Charlie is a fucking clown. Even his mother thinks so. That is why she will not step down and allow him to become king. The whole Royal family are redundant. It is only idiot fan boys like you who keep them in the public eye.

      RonoveRonove3 dias atrás
    • @Ronove A public figure whom looked upon it, people seeks guidance, and example from him, does not matter? You are a fucking idiot!

      Lóránt FarkasLóránt Farkas3 dias atrás
    • @Lóránt Farkas : It is you who does not get it.

      RonoveRonove3 dias atrás
    • @Ronove You don't get it don't you?

      Lóránt FarkasLóránt Farkas3 dias atrás
  • Stop his allowances and put him on SSP! Come tae think about it cut all the royals allowances as they do fcuk all work and more than likely hiding in thir castles crappin thirsels!?!?

    roy mcintoshroy mcintosh4 dias atrás
  • They didn't mention Andrew.

    Don RobinsonDon Robinson4 dias atrás
    • Would you?

      Dave ChosewoodDave Chosewood19 horas atrás
    • He is on so many retro viral drugs for STDs that it would not infect him.

      RonoveRonove3 dias atrás
  • Why are all these famous people getting this virus... I'll only believe it if one of them dies.

    gore 108gore 1084 dias atrás
    • @Dugie Doogs It is pointless right now. Maybe once all this is over, then maybe people can expose what is happening and something may change, but right now it's pointless. People are panicking, acting like idiots, coming up with theories, when none of them have an outcome. So what if it's true that Bill Gates funded this virus? What's the outcome of knowing that? You'll still be in the middle of a pandemic, wearing your tinfoil hat, on Wikipedia panicking. People will still be dying, nothing will change.

      Friendly HomieFriendly Homie8 horas atrás
    • @Friendly Homie The only reason people get 'hung up' about the probability of groups of people harming other groups for their own selfish ends (which is the simple definition of a _conspiracy theory_ ... Pretty straightforward hey?) is because they want people in society to oppose, or at the very least _expose_ such agendas. There is *_nothing_* pointless about helping to hinder/stop/expose toxic devices against a group of people or society in general, even if it is merely a 'threat' at that point in time. -Hardly pointless. As you know with governments 'temporary measures' are usually not temporary, and if not checked, governments will grow bigger and more controlling to the extent that people lose basic freedoms. _Evil persists when good people do nothing_ that is, of course, if you believe evil even exists.

      Dugie DoogsDugie Doogs8 horas atrás
    • @Dugie Doogs Famouses? I don't understand what that means, so I wouldn't say it. Fortunately I'm my own person, I don't use the government for my safety, I don't repeat what I hear others say. I don't get hung up on conspiracies either. Most of all, I don't dwell on things that won't change anything, because it's pointless. But people will do pointless things for no outcome.

      Friendly HomieFriendly Homie8 horas atrás
    • @Friendly Homie "famouses"... As you would say are dying all the time off various causes, how convenient. I'm not saying they *can't* get covid-19... I'm saying beware "the mild-symptom mob" are among the most famous. Follow the money-game and you will be on the button... The root is money. They did not create the virus, but they *_won't let a crisis go to waste_* and you need to connect the dots and finally let go of your government-issue comfy blanket.

      Dugie DoogsDugie Doogs10 horas atrás
    • @Dugie Doogs So people like this Dugie guy have just been debunked, because a famous has died.. I'm sure he feels great haha if you want a source Dugie, I can send you one. Although I don't expect you to say much because you don't want your conspiracies to just be that, you want them to be real 😂

      Friendly HomieFriendly Homie13 horas atrás
  • Royal👎🏻🤮 parasites 👎🏻🤮 On their daily FREEBYS ‼️ Will be most upset🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

    Trevor SlowenTrevor Slowen4 dias atrás
  • This is a stupid lie

    Pope BentdickPope Bentdick4 dias atrás
  • Hopefully the ass lickin, who love the royal parasites, can leave us all alone. And not write zillions of stupid story’s about the bludgers in England. Plenty of unemployed elsewhere who you can write about...who have real lives!

    aliali4 dias atrás
  • Strange how the rich and powerful dont seem to get sick from covid19, Tom Hanks and his wife claim it's just a mild flu same with Prince Charles, yet much younger people who were healthy are in comas and some died, look at italy why so many are dying more than elsewhere that's strange too.

    Nuka ColaNuka Cola4 dias atrás
  • People show their true colors .. really in bad situations including this Channel ... so much bad wishes and comments. All of us will die .. if we do our part to save some people ... ISOLATION !!!

    Angel GraceAngel Grace4 dias atrás
  • Heartless heartless heartless, think of your family an friends

    Margaret CaskenetteMargaret Caskenette4 dias atrás
  • Be nice because you and i don't know if our families will get it too an our selves

    Margaret CaskenetteMargaret Caskenette4 dias atrás
  • Camilla must have it .

    paulkazjackpaulkazjack4 dias atrás
    • One can only hope. She is a despicable person.

      beth duttonbeth dutton4 dias atrás
  • Climate alarmists being taken down by a virus, that's hilarious.

    T C LT C L4 dias atrás
  • He has the version that does not spread to other family members. Wake the fuck up.

    Andy Hay.Andy Hay.4 dias atrás
  • The Queen, Prince Philip and Camilla aren't infected, either Prince Charles has been put in isolation or this story is BS.

    TimonTimon4 dias atrás
    • @jannandjohn The majority who contract the virus have minor symptoms, or none at all. What's your point?

      TheLizardOfOzTheLizardOfOz2 dias atrás
    • The story that he has "minor" symptoms is a give away. It allows him to retreat to safety with honour.

      jannandjohnjannandjohn2 dias atrás
    • Of course he doesn't have it!

      Dugie DoogsDugie Doogs3 dias atrás
    • @Austfailure An'on Any hard evidence, or just speculation?

      TheLizardOfOzTheLizardOfOz3 dias atrás
    • @TheLizardOfOz There was a flash theory that the elites got a vaccine before the vIrus hit.Nanci Pelosi tweeted "the vaccine works " ..then went and mingled with the public. That vaccine was supposedly tainted.

      Austfailure An'onAustfailure An'on3 dias atrás
  • Strange his wife hasn't got it, if its so contagious. Unless he new or suspected before he got home to greet his wife.

    MokerMoker4 dias atrás
    • @Moker yes, could possibly unable to test it even if they wanted too.

      Phat LuongPhat Luong4 dias atrás
    • @Phat Luong So what your saying is she still could have it but not showing yet.

      MokerMoker4 dias atrás
    • Nope, when the viral load is low in the newly C19 infected individuals, testing is quite useless. Testing only work accurately when viral load is adequate regardless of symptoms.

      Phat LuongPhat Luong4 dias atrás
    • Does he have it or just media/politicians pigwash!?

      roy mcintoshroy mcintosh4 dias atrás
  • The Royals are a virus upon humanity...

    John HolmesJohn Holmes4 dias atrás
  • THE PLAN ; This is all a simulation. The 5g is being rolled out right now while everyone hides in fear and gives away their rights and freedoms. Enjoy agenda 21....

    Tamara FletcherTamara Fletcher4 dias atrás
  • Watch Fall cabal on youtube.

    CreamaperaCreamapera4 dias atrás
    • Same here,it's absolutely disgusting what these bastards have been doing. They should be strung up.🤮🤮

      Flossy CeeFlossy Cee4 dias atrás
    • Yes watched it a real eye opener.

      Lynn WilsonLynn Wilson4 dias atrás
  • Corona is also easy Charles Corona is blue blooded

    Gerrit RottineGerrit Rottine4 dias atrás
  • All the best to you, Prince Charles.

    Jim PerryJim Perry4 dias atrás
  • Who cares they're all dogs.. C unts

    meowmeow4 dias atrás
  • “Royals”, More like pompous ass idiots!!!

    Mini Bike In Palm SpringsMini Bike In Palm Springs4 dias atrás
  • He’s not sick though, carrier only

    Jackie’s Pandora’s TREASURE BOXJackie’s Pandora’s TREASURE BOX4 dias atrás
  • I couldn't stop laughing when I read that news. The royal family have all gone into hiding to avoid the peasants who might be carrying COVID-19 only to find Charles has contracted it. Oh, the irony

    MyPoint ofViewMyPoint ofView4 dias atrás
  • My bloody company Constant Orgasms Vids just went bust mate. Our nineteenth release had only just hit the bloody shelves. COVids (big nobs and fannies) 19.

    Wayne GoddardWayne Goddard4 dias atrás
  • In hiding.... Event 201.... Now it all ends as the deep state is getting taken down.

    Keith ChapmanKeith Chapman4 dias atrás
  • Prince Charles caught it on purpose to kill our queen........we need him locked up.

    Master Bait TourMaster Bait Tour4 dias atrás
  • When even the elites are in danger we lock down society, cripple livelihoods, and drive millions into unemployment. We do it to save lives, but it does come at a cost. And the burden will fall heaviest on ordinary people, not the elites. Would we be reacting in such a way if the elites weren't threaten ?

    Matt RichardsMatt Richards4 dias atrás